Computes abridged life table columns based on the lx, nLx , and ex values from a single year life table, in accordance with step 2.2 of the Human Life Table Protocol Output abridged life table has same open age group as input single age life table

lt_single2abridged(lx, nLx, ex, Age = 1:length(lx) - 1, ...)



numeric. Vector of lifetable survivorship at single ages.


numeric. Vector of lifetable exposure at single ages.


numeric. Vector of Age-specific remaining life expectancy at single ages.


integer. Lower bounds of single ages.


optional args, not currently used.


Abridged lifetable in data.frame with columns

  • Ageinteger. Lower bound of abridged age class,

  • AgeIntinteger. Age class widths.

  • nMxnumeric. Age-specific central death rates.

  • nAxnumeric. Average time spent in interval by those deceased in interval.

  • nqxnumeric. Age-specific conditional death probabilities.

  • lxnumeric. Lifetable survivorship

  • ndxnumeric. Lifetable deaths distribution.

  • nLxnumeric. Lifetable exposure.

  • Sxnumeric. Survivor ratios in uniform 5-year age groups.

  • Txnumeric. Lifetable total years left to live above age x.

  • exnumeric. Age-specific remaining life expectancy.


Similar to lt_abridged() details, forthcoming