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A lifetable function

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This package includes a lifetable function, LT(), with optional mx and ax smoothing, different methods of estimating ax, and options for single and abridged lifetables.

*this package is soon to undergo an overhaul.


To download the most recent version of LifeTable:

Download the zip ball or tar ball, decompress and run R CMD INSTALL on it in the terminal command line, or use the devtools package to install the development version:

# install.packages("devtools")

install_github("LifeTable", subdir = "LifeTable", username = "timriffe")

Note: Windows users need Rtools and devtools to install this way.

Note: Mac users might be required to install the appropriate version XTools from the Apple Developer site in order to install the development version. You may need to register as an Apple developer. An older version of XTools may also be required.


All functions are documented in the standard way, which means that once you load the package using library(LifeTable) you can just type for example ?LT to see the help file. Help files are also available on this site in html format, here.

To report a bug

Just go to the main repository page and click on the Issues button on the right side. That's a convenient way to track bugs. Otherwise, just email the maintainer. Feature requests can also be made to the maintainer. Motivated individuals are also free to offer assistance by collaborating via the git version control system and github.